Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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White flintridge dove (FREE SHIPPING) 8
Heres a sweet and ancient looking dovetail point knapped ...
Basics of Flintknapping DVD by Jim Winn
Length: 1 Hour 46 Minutes Price is $20 with shipping. Pa...
Colorful flintridge dove (FREE SHIPPING) 19
Obsidian knife
Blade is made from beautiful mahogany obsidian with almos...
Obsidian Serrated Eccentric
I love creating eccentrics, because every one is a surpri...
Ghosts In The Stone Pressure Flaker (set screw locking)
*shoot me an email after purchase to let me know what col...
Eden - Richard Warren
Indian Paint Agate with excellent flaking and biconvex cr...
Turkey tail
Here is a beautiful turkey tail made from Georgetown flin...
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Michael Brown
Updated On: Feb 26, 2024
Total items: 184
The dream of not letting our Native Skills die is the reason I have learned and s...
Doug Butterfield
Updated On: Feb 26, 2024
Total items: 24
Hi, I am from Yuma AZ and I've been knapping for a number of years now. I also ca...
Rick tollett/steppinstone
Updated On: Feb 26, 2024
Total items: 45
My name is Rick Tollett,I make a variety of knives from stone from all over the ...
Jason Sumpter
Updated On: Feb 26, 2024
Total items: 31
I have been knapping for 14 years and never did I dream that I'd actually take it...
Tony Stanfield
Updated On: Feb 26, 2024
Total items: 365
Hello Everybody. My name is Tony Stanfield and I live in Southern Oregon. I ha...
Brian Cofield
Updated On: Feb 25, 2024
Total items: 960
My name is Brian Cofield and I live in Roanoke Alabama. I have been knapping for...
Tony Soares
Updated On: Feb 24, 2024
Total items: 68
My name is Tony Soares, I have been flint knapping for more than 40 of my 54 yea...
Mike Cook
Updated On: Feb 24, 2024
Total items: 72
I have been knapping a wide range of points and materials for over 38 years and e...
Lithics Lounge
Updated On: Feb 24, 2024
Total items: 56
We are offering modern lithic art created by advanced and master flintknappers....
Lonny Travis
Updated On: Feb 23, 2024
Total items: 224
Hi my name is Lonny Travis and the artistry of modern flintknapping has become an...
Patrick Boulineau
Updated On: Feb 23, 2024
Total items: 98
Hello, my name is Patrick Boulineau. I’ve been flint knapping for over 15 years...
Aaron Lincoln
Updated On: Feb 21, 2024
Total items: 81
Hello, my name is Aaron Lincoln, I have been fortunate to share this passion with...
William Barker
Updated On: Feb 20, 2024
Total items: 37
My name is Will Barker. I live in Virginia. My email and contact info is,
Scott Hartsel
Updated On: Feb 15, 2024
Total items: 41
My name is Scott Hartsel and I have been knapping for 25 years and being from Ohi...
Matt Strehle
Updated On: Feb 10, 2024
Total items: 344
Thanks for taking a look at my work. I have been knapping for about twenty years ...
Marty Rueter
Updated On: Feb 09, 2024
Total items: 304
youtube channel http://...
Jeremy Parker
Updated On: Jan 28, 2024
Total items: 776
My name is Jeremy Parker and I have been flintknapping since 2009. I grew up sea...
James Bowden, Past2Present Prog & TP
Updated On: Jan 26, 2024
Total items: 172
I am James Bowden. I have been flintknapping for 38 years, passionately creating ...
Prolithic Creation
Updated On: Jan 22, 2024
Total items: 246
My interest and evolution started with hiking the high desert in 1977, and transi...
Collectible Points
Updated On: Jan 16, 2024
Total items: 1046
Lithic art made by some of the top flintknappers. These pieces showcase numerous ...
Zalmon Schultz
Updated On: Jan 14, 2024
Total items: 260
A selection of the top lithic art by Master knapper Zalmon Schultz. Feel free...
Steve Allely
Updated On: Jan 10, 2024
Total items: 642
Steve Allely started knapping in 1966 so when you do the math its over 50 years o...
David Slamka
Updated On: Jan 08, 2024
Total items: 9
Welcome to DSFlintknapping. I reproduce a wide variety of point styles but mostly...
Joe Ketter II
Updated On: Jan 06, 2024
Total items: 127
Traditional reduction only ---- NO lapidary assistance. Awesome materials. Detai...
Kenny Hull
Updated On: Jan 03, 2024
Total items: 44
My name is Kenny Hull. I have bee nan artist for as long as I can remember. I lov...
Phil Love
Updated On: Dec 31, 2023
Total items: 619
Hi, My name is Phil love,I live in north central Ohio. I've been knapping since ...
Brandon Blackmon
Updated On: Dec 27, 2023
Total items: 3
Welcome to Blackmon Knapping! My name is Brandon Blackmon and I’ve been kna...
Richard Studer
Updated On: Dec 19, 2023
Total items: 124
My name is Richard Studer and I make FL points with FL material. I also collec...
Jim Winn
Updated On: Dec 10, 2023
Total items: 23
I began flintknapping in the early 1980's and have been at it ever since. I speci...
Ryan Clifford
Updated On: Dec 08, 2023
Total items: 127
I have been flint knapping for about 12 years. I live and grew up in Wyoming and...
Jim Miller
Updated On: Dec 06, 2023
Total items: 364
My name is Jim Miller and I live in western Washington State. As a geologist and...
Michael Miller
Updated On: Oct 28, 2023
Total items: 612
The founder of FlintKnappers.com. Michael is an archeologist with a masters in ex...
Kinley Coyan
Updated On: Jul 30, 2023
Total items: 142
I live in the Big Bend area of Texas and have been knapping since about 1996. I l...
Colby Nelson
Updated On: May 26, 2023
Total items: 18
I replicate and stylized points from the Pacific Northwest. As an Oregonian, almo...
Willie Jester
Updated On: Mar 28, 2023
Total items: 8
My name is Willie Jester and I am grateful to be able to share the hobby of flint...
Doug Shelton
Updated On: Mar 05, 2023
Total items: 239
I've been collecting authentic points since a child. I have always been fascinate...
Willie McClure
Updated On: Dec 10, 2022
Total items: 1
Hi, I'm Willie McClure. I've been flintknapping for about 7 years now. I retire...
Jake Webster
Updated On: Nov 06, 2022
Total items: 440
NOW OFFERING FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA. Thats right, No more worrying about shippi...
Bruce Killough
Updated On: Oct 24, 2022
Total items: 23
Hello, my name is Bruce Killough. I’m from south central Texas. I grew up diggi...
Chris L. Dunlap
Updated On: Sep 27, 2022
Total items: 315
PayPal only sales until further notified. Welcome to the High Plains Gallery. ...
Scott Van Arsdale
Updated On: Jul 10, 2022
Total items: 33
Hello, my name is Scott Van Arsdale. I have been flintknapping since 1993 and ha...
Larry Adcock
Updated On: Apr 19, 2022
Total items: 150
My name is Larry Adcock I was born and still live in De Kalb county in a small to...
Wes Hobbs
Updated On: Apr 18, 2022
Total items: 238
God put the beauty in the stone. All I do is change the shape. My name is Wes Hob...
Wichita Trading
Updated On: Apr 04, 2022
Total items: 232
We offer modern stone art knapped by the best of the best artists, some signed ...
Alan Altizer
Updated On: Apr 26, 2021
Total items: 205
Alan Altizer lives in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee with his wife Kristy, da...
Ernie Raber
Updated On: Jan 23, 2021
Total items: 62
I have been knapping off and on for 22 years.I do mostly flint ridge material, ca...
Joel A Smith
Updated On: Dec 08, 2020
Total items: 118
My name is Joel Smith, I've been knapping for a few years now, and strive with ev...
Don Sutton
Updated On: Jun 12, 2019
Total items: 19
Hello I am Don Sutton ,out of Las Vegas Nevada I�ve been chippin for ab...
Mike Santiago
Updated On: Nov 12, 2011
Total items: 8
My name is Mike Santiago I started flintknapping in 2000 and had the bug ever si...