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We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Wasicun Stone Knives

Hello, my name is Scott Van Arsdale. I have been flintknapping since 1993 and have been focused on making mostly modern style knives with obsidian and colorful glass blades since 1997. I do use lapidary flake-over-grind techniques before the final flaking on the blades because it assists me in achieving a beautiful flake pattern. I carefully choose a handle material and shape it to compliment the blade, striving to make each of my knives as visually appealing as I can. Most of my handles are stone or beautiful wood, but I work with other materials from time to time, including synthetics. I realize synthetic materials arenít for everybody, but they often appeal to my creative self and get utilized when they do. While my first goal is to make a knife that is pleasing to the eye, most of my knives feel good in the hand, too. Each knife is an individual project that requires many hours to make. Every knife is initialed and numbered in sequence of production.
Should you decide to purchase my work, I want you to be happy with it. I predict you wonít be happy with a knife if you are planning to use it as a cutting tool! All of my work comes with a guarantee of satisfaction, and I stand behind the materials and workmanship. This may sound silly coming from somebody who wants to sell you a knife. However, most of my knives are quite long (9-12Ē). Physics dictates that the longer the blade, the more fragile it is. Most of my blades are far too long to be a practical tool. While my knives do have sharp edges and will cut, impacts and side torque are dangerous to the blade. Furthermore, stone knives are sharpened by re-knapping the edge. Doing that negatively affects the bladeís size, symmetry and flaking pattern. So if you are looking for a stone knife to use for cutting purposes, I highly recommend a smaller and cheaper option. My knives are much more suited for display, and should last for countless generations if kept safe from dropping on hard surfaces and other impacts. Sorry, I canít offer a refund on knives that are used as a tool or are subject to other rough treatment or accidental breakage post their arrival to you. If you are giving a knife as a gift, please be sure to let the recipient know of this fragility.
Thank you for visiting my gallery, I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to contact me for more information and/or visit my web site, www.stonebladeart.com .

Prices include US hipping unless noted otherwise.

NOTE: I recently discovered Acrylester for a handle material. I went on a binge playing with some of the cool colors and made a number of knives with it. It just screamed for matching glass handles. So the current inventory is synthetic heavy. The next knives I make will feature stone more prominently. Stay tuned!
Knife #207
Price: $140  |  Date: Apr 07,2017
Status: Available Price Reduced
Knife #196
Price: $130  |  Date: Jan 26,2017
Status: Available
Knife #201
Price: $130  |  Date: Jan 26,2017
Status: Available
Knife #190
Price: $210  |  Date: Jan 26,2017
Status: Available
Knife #205
Price: $135  |  Date: Jan 26,2017
Status: Available
Knife #208
Price: $155  |  Date: Apr 07,2017
Status: Sold
Knife #197
Price: $135  |  Date: Jan 26,2017
Status: Sold
Knife #210
Price: $155  |  Date: Nov 12,2016
Status: Sold
Knife #206
Price: $170  |  Date: Oct 11,2016
Status: Sold
Knife #204
Price: $155  |  Date: Sep 19,2016
Status: Sold
Knife #203
Price: $145  |  Date: Sep 19,2016
Status: Sold
Knife #199
Price: $145  |  Date: Sep 19,2016
Status: Sold