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We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Striped Lime Green and Black Microwave Fused Glass Tri-notched Arrowhead
Yep. You read the description correctly. I melted the g...
Novaculite Cumberland
A nice fluted and colored novaculite Cumberland
Obsidian Serrated Eccentric
I love creating eccentrics, because every one is a surpri...
White flintridge dove (FREE SHIPPING) 8
Heres a sweet and ancient looking dovetail point knapped ...
Texas Chert Serrated Eccentric
Eccentrics are a favorite of mine to flintknap. Each one...
Brier Creek Hardin
Made from a sweet piece of Coastal Plains chert from Brie...
Colorful flintridge dove (FREE SHIPPING) 19
Flintridge Dovetail (( Free Shipping)) #22
A beautiful dove from red and grey flint ridge chert from...
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I have been knapping for 14 years and never did I dream that I'd actually take it as far as I have. I love the challenge of knapping stone and glass from all over the world. Thank you for choosing my gallery! If you have any questions feel free to email me @usarmy_mp_69@yahoo.com or text 913-360-9478
Polka-dot Agate side notch
Price: $30  |  Date: Apr 18,2024
Status: Available
Borosilicate Glass cornernotch
Price: $35  |  Date: Apr 09,2024
Status: Available
Zebra Agate Paleo Point
Price: $40  |  Date: Apr 09,2024
Status: Available
Triflow Obsidian knife
Price: $115  |  Date: Mar 27,2024
Status: Available
Fused Glass cornernotch
Price: $45  |  Date: Mar 21,2024
Status: Available
Dendritic Jasper knife. Free shipping!!
Price: $115  |  Date: Mar 11,2024
Status: Available
Armenian Obsidian knife. Free shipping!!!
Price: $115  |  Date: Mar 11,2024
Status: Available
Triflow Obsidian paleo blade
Price: $35  |  Date: Mar 09,2024
Status: Available
Armenian Obsidian blade
Price: $40  |  Date: Feb 27,2024
Status: Available
Silversheen Obsidian Blade
Price: $40  |  Date: Feb 26,2024
Status: Available Price Reduced
Armenian Obsidian blade
Price: $40  |  Date: Feb 27,2024
Status: Pending Sale
Blueberry Quartz (Glass) Paleo blade
Price: $40  |  Date: Apr 18,2024
Status: Sold
Blood red glass Paleo blade
Price: $100  |  Date: Mar 26,2024
Status: Sold
Fancy Jasper Paleo Point
Price: $60  |  Date: Mar 22,2024
Status: Sold
Goldsheen Obsidian with a little fire
Price: $35  |  Date: Mar 15,2024
Status: Sold
Fancy Jasper Point
Price: $25  |  Date: Mar 06,2024
Status: Sold
Cotter Chert Dovetail
Price: $25  |  Date: Mar 05,2024
Status: Sold
Black Obsidian Beavertail
Price: $35  |  Date: Feb 12,2024
Status: Sold