Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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How It Works

How to buy

Each knapper makes and owns the points in their gallery. FlintKnappers.com does not stock the knappers points displayed in all of the galleries we host. All transactions are taken care of by the individual knapper (gallery owner).

When you decide to purchase a point at flintknappers.com simply add the item(s) to your cart and checkout. Checkout is easy, our short form gives the knapper your information (e.g. mailing address) and your phone number if they need to contact you and work out the details of a sale.

While it is not required, we urge you to sign up as a customer. A customer login lets you track your orders, stores your contact information, select a payment preference, update your account information, and manage your gallery subscriptions. If you buy on FlintKnappers.com regularly, you'll want to sign in to take advantage of these great features.

When you place an order the item(s) in your order will be marked as Pending Sale automatically by our website. If you chose to pay using PayPal our cart checkout will take you to a secure PayPal checkout page where you can login to your PayPal account and make your purchase. Payment by check or money order will generate an email to the knapper/gallery owner and they will contact you with their mailaing adress and total for your order. All gallery owners do not ship until payment arrives and clears. Once an item is shipped the gallery owner marks it as Sold or removes it from their gallery.

*FlintKnappers.com will not tolerate any customer who resells our modern lithic artwork as authentic ancient artifacts. If you are found reselling fraudulent artifacts your customer account will be removed and all gallery owners will be notified of your actions. We will also flag any online auctions where work sold on FlintKnappers.com is being resold as ancient.

How to join

A retail gallery provides you with your own online storefront to display your flintknapped work. You're in control of your gallery. You can upload new items at any time, update items as pending sale or sold, and replace sold items. Your gallery has a built in shopping cart that works behind the scenes to provide you with customer orders and details. Our PayPal gateway links our cart to their system and transfers payment to your PayPal account in real time. You must have a verified PayPal account to assoicate with your gallery. FlintKnappers.com connects you with customers. We are at the top of the search engines and have an established and trusted reputation. Beginners will not be considered for a retail gallery. You must also be 18 years of age or older.

FlintKnappers.com is unlike any of our competitors. We do not charge a listing fee or a percent of your sales. Instead we are setup on a flat rate. A retail gallery is $25 a month. Your website / gallery can list up to 1000 items. This is much cheaper than any other auction style site. Fees are paid using PayPal.

Getting started:
Apply for a gallery by clicking Sign Up. Fill in the short information form and your gallery will be added to our wait list. You'll be asked via email to send some pictures of your work to be reviewed by our selection committee. You will receive an email notifying you if you have been approved for a gallery and if so, that your store is active. If you are wait listed, we reach out roughly every 3 months and ask for new picture submissions.

FlintKnappers.com strives to showcase the best in flintknapped art. We will not permit vendors to sell items unless they are their own creations or acknowledged as the work of a specific artist. Beginners will not be considered for a retail gallery. We want to see beginners spend their time flintknapping, not spending time taking photos, writing descriptions, measuring, posting, packing, and tracking orders just to make a dollar or two. In other words, a $5 - $10 point sale isn't worth all the work/time to sell it online.

Retail gallery:
A retail gallery at FlintKnappers.com provides you with your own website to sell your flintknapped replicas. 1000 items maybe posted for sale; as items sell they can be removed and replaced with new items. No prehistoric artifact sales are permitted.

From your computer/smartphone to the web:
Once your gallery is active, you'll have access to our admin panel. Here you can log-in using your username and password. You can upload pictures and a description (price, length, material, etc) for each item. Images should be in .jpg format and no larger than 5 MB. We recommend that images be clear, close-up, and on a plain background. Once an item is listed it will be in your gallery until it sells, is archived (120 days), or you remove it.

FlintKnappers.com is the largest Internet site with the most knappers and points for sale on the web! I designed the site for flintknappers and have worked hard to make it an easy and affordable way to get on the net. I hope you decide to join us. If you have questions please email or call.

Good chipping,