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We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Past to Present Progs & Trading Post

I am James Bowden. I have been flintknapping for 33 years, passionately creating images of the past. At first I was largely self-taught. Later, I studied with other knappers in Southern California to advance my skills and knowledge. Early on, sizable stone was unavailable for me, which directly affected my style of flintknapping.

Today I work with a wide variety of materials to flake many different types of stone implements. The tools and methods I use closely follow traditional ones. My forté continues to be intricately flaked eccentrics, and small delicate gem points with long, drawn-out ears. This work fills a special niche in the world of modern flintknapping.

All of my pieces are permanently initialed and dated using a diamond-tipped scribe, making them collectible museum quality replicas and artwork. My knapped work is represented in the Modern Lithic Artists Journal, Volume 3, the Sept./Oct. issue of the Gold Prospectors Magazine, and in the collections of over 30 museums and visitor centers across the United States.

In 2014, a couple of my pieces were the chosen winners for the "Miscellaneous" category in an international dichroic glass art competition, "Dichroic by Design 2014" which was sponsered by CBS, Coatings by Sanberg, Inc. (http://www.cbs-dichroic.com/contests.asp) This winning arrowhead was later published in the March/April 2015 issue of Glass Art magazine https://www.glassartmagazine.com/back-issues/category/49-glass-art-issues

In the 4th episode (aired on 10-29-14) of the TV series "Somebody's Gotta Do It", I instructed Mike Rowe (prior host on the TV show "Dirty Jobs") with his first flintknapping lesson! It was an awesome experience.

Enjoy browsing through my gallery and picking out your favorite pieces!

Payment: I accept PayPal, money orders, and personal checks.

Shipping: See an items details section for the shipping charge. If you purchase multiple items the overall shipping charges may be reduced. Personal checks may delay shipment until processed.

For additional information or questions, please contact me by email (flintknapping@verizon.net) or phone (909-557-5515).

Many of my arrowhead products are now being sold on my Redbubble gallery also, at https://www.redbubble.com/people/past-to-present

Receive previews of points and occasional FREE POINT GIVE-AWAYS by "liking" http://www.facebook.com/past2presentprograms

And ... just for fun check out my Pinterest Boards at http://pinterest.com/jameskbowden/

Please feel free to pin or post any of my gallery photos on Facebook, Pinterest, or other social medias!
Goldfield Jasper Columbia Plateau Point
Price: $34  |  Date: May 14,2017
Status: Available Price Reduced
Arizona Dacite Arrowhead Earrings
Price: $55  |  Date: May 07,2017
Status: Available
Ohio Flint Ridge Columbia Plateau Point
Price: $37  |  Date: Apr 12,2017
Status: Available
Historic English Flint Side Notched Point
Price: $36  |  Date: Apr 10,2017
Status: Available
Obsidian Eccentric Lithic Art
Price: $68  |  Date: Apr 05,2017
Status: Available
Mexican Imperial Jasper Rose Springs Corner Notched Point
Price: $27  |  Date: Mar 30,2017
Status: Available Price Reduced
GUESS how many arrowheads I chipped from this Mahogany Obsidian Pebble!
Price: $225  |  Date: Mar 24,2017
Status: Available
McKittrick Chert Klickitat Point
Price: $25  |  Date: Mar 14,2017
Status: Available
Dichroic Fused Glass Arrowhead (Multicolored N. Side Notched Point)
Price: $48  |  Date: Mar 12,2017
Status: Available Price Reduced
Arrowhead - Flint Ridge Columbia Plateau Point
Price: $37  |  Date: Mar 07,2017
Status: Available
Dichroic Fused Glass Arrowhead (Olive Green and Black Northern Side Notched)
Price: $48  |  Date: Mar 04,2017
Status: Available Price Reduced
Dichroic Fused Glass Arrowhead (Teal, Blue, & Purple Northern Side Notched Point)
Price: $55  |  Date: Feb 26,2017
Status: Available
Montana Agate Gunther Barbed Gem Point
Price: $36  |  Date: Feb 07,2017
Status: Available
Earth Pigment Kit
Price: $27  |  Date: Feb 05,2017
Status: Available
Oregon Agate Side Notched Point
Price: $28  |  Date: Apr 29,2017
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Madagascar Polychrome Jasper Toyah Point
Price: $30  |  Date: Feb 15,2017
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Agate Tri-Notched Point
Price: $25  |  Date: Feb 15,2017
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Opalescent Glass Side Notched Point
Price: $33  |  Date: Feb 11,2017
Status: Sold
Flint Ridge Side Notched Arrowhead
Price: $38  |  Date: Feb 08,2017
Status: Sold
Meteor Tektite Side Notched Point
Price: $38  |  Date: Jan 04,2017
Status: Sold
Black Novaculite Eccentric
Price: $50  |  Date: Dec 31,2016
Status: Sold
Sky Blue Side Notched Glass Arrowhead
Price: $37  |  Date: Dec 10,2016
Status: Sold
Triflow Obsidian Elko Eared Atlatl Dart Point
Price: $30  |  Date: Nov 09,2016
Status: Sold
Blue & Green Fused Dichroic Glass Arrowhead
Price: $55  |  Date: Sep 26,2016
Status: Sold
Montana Agate Gem Point
Price: $35  |  Date: Aug 01,2016
Status: Sold
Chert Side Notched Arrowhead
Price: $36  |  Date: Jul 29,2016
Status: Sold
Montana Agate Elko Eared Dart Point
Price: $37  |  Date: Jul 12,2016
Status: Sold
Lavic Jasper Gunther Barbed Point
Price: $36  |  Date: Jul 03,2016
Status: Sold
Burns Green Obsidian Gunther Barbed Point
Price: $36  |  Date: Jun 02,2016
Status: Sold
Price: $40  |  Date: Mar 03,2016
Status: Sold
Knife River Flint Toyah Point
Price: $32  |  Date: Dec 30,2015
Status: Sold
Sterling Silver Necklace with a Blue, Green, Purple, & Black Dichroic Glass Desert Side Notched Arrowhead
Price: $75  |  Date: Dec 17,2015
Status: Sold
Knife River Flint Gunther Barbed Gem Point
Price: $37  |  Date: Dec 15,2015
Status: Sold
McKittrick Chert Eccentric
Price: $50  |  Date: Nov 04,2015
Status: Sold
American Fire Opal Desert Side Notched Arrowhead
Price: $65  |  Date: Sep 08,2015
Status: Sold
Oregon Dendritic Agate Side Notched Arrowhead
Price: $37  |  Date: Sep 06,2015
Status: Sold