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Basics of Flintknapping DVD by Jim Winn

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Added Date: Mar 08, 2023 @ 7:12am
Gallery: Paleomanjim
Price: $20.00 Status: Available
Length: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Price is $20 with shipping. Paypal, check, or money order.
This DVD is for anyone interested in Flintknapping and how our ancestors made stone tools. It covers all aspects of flintknapping and is intended for both beginners and intermediate Flintknappers. The following topics are covered in detail:
1) How flintknapping originated with our ancestors and the different types of knapping they did.
2) How to make both aboriginal and modern flintknapping tools. Includes detailed instruction on how to make a copper bopper.
3) Flintknapping safety and how to protect yourself.
4) An explanation of how stone fractures and predicting the outcome to control the flintknapping process.
5) How to make a simple arrowhead from the bottom of a beer bottle. Includes the use of an Ishi stick.
6) Detailed discussion and diagrams explain the different types of flakes, platform angles, and relationship of platform to centerplane.
7) Demonstrates how to make both continuous and isolated platforms.
8) Relationship of ridges to platforms is discussed. Flat surface flaking demonstration shows the value of setting up platforms in alignment with ridges.
9) Examples showing each stage of reduction from raw stone to finished point are discussed along with the goal of each stage. Includes Paleo thinning strategies and a demonstration of how to produce overshot flakes.
10) Discussion of heat treating stone and also soaking stone in water to improve its workability.
11) Slow motion video at 1/10th normal speed shows flakes being removed from bifaces using both aboriginal and modern tools.

This DVD can be previewed on Youtube at:
Includes Flintknapping Beginners Part 1 � Part 7
And the Flintknapping in Slow Motion series
The DVD has much higher quality with better resolution than the Youtube downloads.

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