Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Prolithic Creation

My interest and evolution started with hiking the high desert in 1977, and transitioned to a decade of traditional beadwork.

I began reducing rocks to lithic art/stone tools in 2011... the longevity of my creations was brief, due to dumb physical stuff, yet my passion and commitment to the unique physics of reducing minerals to beautiful compositions continues. There shall likely be only a few of my knapped works... however my carving of handles and choosing and hafting antler to match a blade is presently my dedicated contribution.

I am in honor to have several of the best fintknappers for guidance when I first drove flakes and am now grateful for their abilities to allow my interest to continue through their exceptional creations of the blade. Most often, credit shall be praised to the knapper, unless they request not to, or if the artist is not known or recalled.

Photos of pieces may be taken outdoors or indoor with artificial lighting. Exposure and contrast may be adjusted prior to the listing. I would be pleased to send additional shots in stark daylight with a point and shoot camera anytime they are requested... and I invite any questions about any item.

Prices include postage with in the U.S., unless otherwise stated in the write up. Whenever possible, items shall be mailed within two days of receiving payment. Unless stated in the write up, all pieces are returnable for a refund, only my cost for postage shall be deducted.

Additional postage charge for International purchases.

Thank you for your interest in Prolithic Creation. Please visit my website: http://prolithiccreation.com/

Stay well
Price: $130  |  Date: Aug 18,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $135  |  Date: Aug 16,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $335  |  Date: Aug 13,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $90  |  Date: Aug 08,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $170  |  Date: Aug 07,2017
Status: Sold
Cool Agate Knife
Price: $170  |  Date: Jul 17,2017
Status: Sold
Agate Dagger
Price: $130  |  Date: Jul 10,2017
Status: Sold
Brazil Dagger
Price: $185  |  Date: Jul 04,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $360  |  Date: Jul 04,2017
Status: Sold
The Joker
Price: $65  |  Date: Jul 03,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $70  |  Date: Jul 02,2017
Status: Sold
Mini Mook
Price: $70  |  Date: Jun 26,2017
Status: Sold
Mini Bull
Price: $60  |  Date: Jun 25,2017
Status: Sold
Deschutes Dagger
Price: $255  |  Date: Apr 16,2017
Status: Sold
Miwuk Manzanita Spoon
Price: $70  |  Date: Mar 26,2017
Status: Sold
Deschutes Knife
Price: $210  |  Date: Mar 16,2017
Status: Sold
The Ripper
Price: $135  |  Date: Mar 15,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $105  |  Date: Mar 15,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $190  |  Date: Mar 15,2017
Status: Sold
Moss and Mule
Price: $140  |  Date: Mar 15,2017
Status: Sold
Agate Knife
Price: $130  |  Date: Mar 10,2017
Status: Sold
Banded Agate Knife
Price: $155  |  Date: Mar 05,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $95  |  Date: Feb 19,2017
Status: Sold
Aurora Boree-Mookite
Price: $125  |  Date: Feb 11,2017
Status: Sold
Price: $195  |  Date: Jan 28,2017
Status: Sold
Need a Match?
Price: $240  |  Date: Jan 09,2017
Status: Sold
Mookaite Knife
Price: $155  |  Date: Oct 29,2016
Status: Sold
Price: $0  |  Date: Oct 22,2016
Status: Sold
Price: $155  |  Date: Oct 19,2016
Status: Sold
Texture and Scars
Price: $200  |  Date: Oct 16,2016
Status: Sold
Colorful Abundance
Price: $175  |  Date: Oct 15,2016
Status: Sold
Price: $0  |  Date: Oct 10,2016
Status: Sold
Emerald and Ivory
Price: $0  |  Date: Oct 07,2016
Status: Sold
Mook and Mule
Price: $0  |  Date: Sep 22,2016
Status: Sold
Avatar Blade II
Price: $0  |  Date: Sep 22,2016
Status: Sold
Price: $0  |  Date: Sep 19,2016
Status: Sold