Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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The Cahokia Project
The only modern day cache of past and present flintknappers across the country! A brotherhood of flintknappers.

Knappers Quarterly
A website and publication dedicated to the art of knapping that brings together and documents the perspective and experience from the flintknapping community.

The Flintknapper Map
A map of flintknappers for flintknappers. Please feel free to add yourself if you are a knapper.

Genesee Valley Flint Knappers Association Website.
Incorporated in 1994 and based in the beautiful Genesee River Valley of Western New York, the GVFKA is an association of individuals who share a passion for primitive skills.

Eric's Rocks and Such
Selling top quality cherts and obsidian to flint knappers across the USA and Internationally.

The World's Leading Flint Knapping Tool Manufacturer...

Paleo Arts
Imaginative recreations of stoneage tools, weapons and artifacts.

Ancestral Knowledge
Ancestral Knowledge uses nature and the wilderness as its classroom to connect our students with the ancient skills of our past. We teach knapping classes and other wilderness survival and primitive technology topics.

Thunderbird Atlatl
Thunderbird Atlatl is the world’s foremost atlatl manufacturer, owned and operated by Bob and Cheryll Berg.

Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills Group
meets regularly in the greater Washington DC area to learn, practice, share, and promote primitive technology skills.

Don Sutton's Flintknapping website.

Visit Novaculite.com to learn more about Arkansas Novaculite aka "razor stone." This unique lithic material is excellent knapping material. Novaculite.com is your source for graded knapping stone. Raw and heat-treated spalls and chunks available for sale.

Flint Stone-N-Bone Creations
Stan Payne's Website.

Larry Kinsella's website featuring numerous experimental archeology articles and great information on Midwest archaeology.

The Art of Ishi
Mike Cook, a flintknapper and scrimshander who designs and creates knives and jewelry for collectors around the world.

Kentucky Flint Works
Dennis Kerns's website - selling stone, tools and everything else a knapper needs. He's been a trusted vendor for 8 years.

Flint Knapping e-book
This e-book can be downloaded, printed, copied, and distributed free of charge. The only restriction is that you may not sell it."

Jon Moore's website for the Primitive Arts has everything from arrowheads to primitive jewelry.

Natural Pathways Bushcraft
U.K. based, we provide a broad range of Survival Bushcraft and Nature Awareness Courses conducted in the depths of Kentish woodland.

Flintknapping Classifieds
Here you will find contact information for all the major flintknapping suppliers. If you are looking for knapping tools, flint, points, or anything else flintknapping related, you've come to the right spot.

IAGA - Indian Artifact Grading Authority
The premiere artifact grading service for establishing the grade of your artifact based assets. Our professional grading staff is the best in the hobby.

FlintKnappers Central
If you’re a beginning knapper or a veteran knapper, you will find the best knapping resources on the web at flintknappers central!

Stone Age Craftsmanship In The Space Age

FlintKnappers.com Bookstore
Selections and recommended reads for flintknappers and advocational archaeologists.

Modern Flintknapping
Designed for the knappers who want to push the boundaries of flintknapping.

Carvers Corner
A group of carvers passionate about their art.