Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Two Rivers Trading Company

Hello, Chris Pappas here in the foothills of The Catskill Mtns in upstate NY.

I have been involved in knapping and related activities since the mid 90's. Here you will find Arrowheads, blades, Modern Art knives and primitive hafted knives with natural resins and fibers, miniature hafted knives, arrow and atlatl foreshafts, compound river cane arrows and so on. Nice collection of work from world class knappers.

I especially enjoy making hafted knives from blades that I acquire from my knapping buddies and will showcase them in this gallery. ..mostly for show, some for sale.

All purchases have total satisfaction guarantee...no questions.
Not happy, send it back for refund.

Unless stated otherwise, or you have a preference, I ship USPS Priority Mail w/ Delivery confirmation. Any thing under 16OZ. is $8.00 I will always combine shipping on multiple purchases. Larger knives and other items requiring extra protection and larger packaging will be bill at actual rates. International buyer please send postal code for shipping quote.

Until further notice or specified in description, Sale price will include shipping to US.

I accept Postal Money orders, good checks and Paypal.
Paypal payments made to chrisp_2rivers@hotmail.com

For questions chrisp.2rivers@yahoo.com
Price: $0  |  Date: Dec 07,2017
Status: Pending Sale
Dragon skin / Springbok
Price: $0  |  Date: Dec 06,2021
Status: Sold
Obsidian Knife w/ Hybrid handle
Price: $2000  |  Date: Oct 11,2021
Status: Sold
Dragon skin / Elk knife
Price: $170  |  Date: Sep 17,2021
Status: Sold
Knife River Flint Knife
Price: $100  |  Date: Sep 17,2021
Status: Sold
Bannerstone by Mike Stafford
Price: $85  |  Date: Feb 05,2019
Status: Sold
busted spear
Price: $80  |  Date: Sep 21,2021
Status: Sold
Study Pieces
Price: $95  |  Date: Nov 27,2018
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Georgia Jasper Knife
Price: $125  |  Date: Nov 26,2018
Status: Sold
Obsidian Knife Free Shipping
Price: $140  |  Date: Aug 14,2018
Status: Sold
Bark Rattle
Price: $40  |  Date: Aug 06,2018
Status: Sold
Price: $68  |  Date: Jul 31,2018
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Fancy Jasper Knife
Price: $88  |  Date: Jul 25,2018
Status: Sold
Turtle Rattle Soapstone Carving
Price: $80  |  Date: Jul 24,2018
Status: Sold
Tallahatta Dagger
Price: $90  |  Date: Jul 19,2018
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Nice little knife
Price: $47  |  Date: Jun 26,2018
Status: Sold
little primitive
Price: $50  |  Date: Jun 26,2018
Status: Sold
Flint River Knife
Price: $88  |  Date: Jun 26,2018
Status: Sold
Purple AC Knife
Price: $0  |  Date: Jun 26,2018
Status: Sold
Burns Green and bark beetle
Price: $85  |  Date: Jun 26,2018
Status: Sold
Texas Knife
Price: $78  |  Date: Jun 14,2018
Status: Sold
Burns Green/Whitetail
Price: $78  |  Date: May 13,2018
Status: Sold
Tallahatta Knife
Price: $95  |  Date: May 10,2018
Status: Sold
Flint River and Elk
Price: $90  |  Date: Apr 19,2018
Status: Sold
Compound bone/ wood fishhook
Price: $30  |  Date: Apr 11,2018
Status: Sold
Obsidian Knife
Price: $110  |  Date: Mar 09,2018
Status: Sold
Alabama Coastal Knife
Price: $115  |  Date: Feb 14,2018
Status: Sold
Alabama Coastal Knife
Price: $90  |  Date: Feb 12,2018
Status: Sold
Deer Toe Fish Hook
Price: $25  |  Date: Feb 06,2018
Status: Sold
Flint River Knife
Price: $90  |  Date: Feb 03,2018
Status: Sold
Spring Bok knife
Price: $0  |  Date: Jan 31,2018
Status: Sold
little crude one
Price: $55  |  Date: Jan 30,2018
Status: Sold
Knife # 3 - XX18
Price: $118  |  Date: Jan 19,2018
Status: Sold
fore shafts
Price: $135  |  Date: Jan 09,2018
Status: Sold
Flint River, Maple Burl
Price: $77  |  Date: Dec 19,2017
Status: Sold
Turkeytail Necklace
Price: $32  |  Date: Dec 15,2017
Status: Sold