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We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Mayan Eccentric
Made after one found in northeastern Belize out of glossy...
Mexican Silversheen Obsidian paleo blade
Mexican Silversheen Obsidian
rainbow Ishi
Ishi point knapped from old stock Mexican rainbow obsidian.
Purple, Lavender, and White Microwave Fused Glass Cahokia Arrowhead
This stunning Cahokia Arrowhead was one I flintknapped fr...
Egyptian Gerzean Knife
Made from beautiful silver sheen obsidian. Egyptian Gerze...
Solutrean Blade in Pasco Coral
I'm back friends. Here is a nice Solutrean blade percusse...
Elko point made from polka-dot agate
Here is a real dandy for the keeper case that displays be...
Ghosts In The Stone Pressure Flaker
*shoot me an email after purchase to let me know what col...
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Obsidian Arts Inc.

Hello Everybody. My name is Tony Stanfield and I live in Southern Oregon. I have been knapping for about 18 years.
I knapp many styles of knives out of the never ending assortment of obsidian colors and patterns. I love taking the curve of an antler and making a blade to match. Always trying to make something unique. Please visit my website at http://obsidianarts.com or check out my Ebay Listings at http://www.ebay.com/sch/tenelks/m.html?item=112266795984&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESOX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
take Visa or Mastercard, or Paypal . Any questions please contact me at obsidianarts@charter.net Remember that shipping is included in all the prices on this gallery. Also, make an offer. I will knock 5.00 off a knife and maybe more. Especially if you buy more than one.
Triple Flow Mahogany Obsidian Cody Knife
Price: $85  |  Date: Feb 03,2014
Status: Sold
Curved Ribbon Obsidian Knife With Walnut End Cap & Deer Antler Handle
Price: $75  |  Date: Nov 19,2013
Status: Sold
Root Handled Fantasy Ribbon Obsidian Knife
Price: $135  |  Date: Oct 20,2013
Status: Sold
Obsidian Fantasy Knife Nontypical Deer Antler Handle Oak Base
Price: $150  |  Date: Oct 10,2013
Status: Sold
Ribbon Obsidian Eccentric Knife
Price: $70  |  Date: Sep 12,2013
Status: Sold
Triple Flow Obsidian Curved Fantasy Knife
Price: $70  |  Date: Aug 21,2013
Status: Sold
Triple Flow Obsidian Bowie Knife
Price: $70  |  Date: Jul 16,2013
Status: Sold
Black Obsidian Skinning Knife with Manzanita Handle
Price: $60  |  Date: Apr 16,2013
Status: Sold
Ribbon Obsidian Cody Knife Carved African Handle
Price: $70  |  Date: Apr 10,2013
Status: Sold
Double Bladed Obsidian Fantasy Knife Oak Base
Price: $125  |  Date: Apr 08,2013
Status: Sold
Nontypical Antler Handled Obsidian Knife Oak Base
Price: $125  |  Date: Aug 21,2010
Status: Sold
Obsidian Neck Knives
Price: $40  |  Date: Aug 21,2010
Status: Sold
Cody Obsidian Knife with Bobcat Claws
Price: $70  |  Date: Aug 19,2010
Status: Sold
Rainbow Eccentric Obsidian Knife
Price: $70  |  Date: Aug 19,2010
Status: Sold
Red and Black Curved Obsidian Fantasy Knife
Price: $70  |  Date: Aug 19,2010
Status: Sold
Indian Head Nickel Obsidian Knife
Price: $110  |  Date: Aug 19,2010
Status: Sold