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Replica Yurok Arrow

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Added Date: Feb 10, 2023 @ 9:50pm
Gallery: Allely Arts
Price: $160.00 Status: Sold
Dimensions: 30 5/16"
This arrow is based on originals I've seen and examined. The main shaft is syringa and the fore shaft is made of service berry. The Gunther style point is made out of a reddish rhyolite that looks very much like the Franciscan chert used along the Lower Klamath River in NW Califorian. It is glued in place with pitch and lashed the way the old ones were. Red and blue pigments were used for the cresting like on original arrows. The Canada goose feather fletchings are lashed with sinew which has been and glued down with hide glue. It is common to see the sinew lashings painted on arrows from this region. Fine lines cut into the fore shaft and the sinew wrap and cresting area were done with horse tail rush just like on the old original Yurok arrows.
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