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Replica Sioux war arrow

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Added Date: Apr 18, 2022 @ 12:10pm
Gallery: Allely Arts
Price: $100.00 Status: Sold
Dimensions: 27 1/2"
This replica Sioux arrow is copied after an original. The shaft is made of a wild hard wood shoot and has a flared bow string nock that helped facilitate the pinch grip arrow released used by the Sioux. The shaft is also grooved with three wavy lines which when fire hardened help keep the shaft from warping. The 4" large war sized iron trade point is made out of an old barrel hoop like the old ones were entirely by hand and lashed in with sinew. The cresting is copied after the original in red, and green trade pigments. Fletch is two turkey wing feathers and a tail feather in place of what is called the 'cock' feather or the feather that is up off the bow handle when shooting. The fletchings are wrapped down with sinew and glued down to the shaft with hide glue.. The Sioux were a force on the Great Plains one wouldn't want to tangle with.
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