Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Sea horse
Awesome well defined sea horse I don't make them very oft...
Replica cooking pot
Replica native cook pot. Hand formed from nottoway river ...
Native paint pot
Native paint bowl made from nottoway river clay. Hand bui...
Evans point
Louisiana gravel Evans point made by Darrell Jeane
Mastodon token
Very nice replica of the most iconic ice age technology !
Mookaite Wolf Handle Knife
Just in time for Christmas. Colorful mookaite blade with ...
Archival ink point signing pen
The Pigma Micron pen made by Sakura is the best point sig...
Large type IV Danish dagger
A large 12 3/4 inch long Danish dagger.
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Retail Galleries (Knapping Tools)

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Michael Miller
Updated On: Dec 14, 2017
Total items: 463
The webmaster of FlintKnappers.com.Michael is an archeologist with amasters in ...
Updated On: Dec 13, 2017
Total items: 32
welcome, come on in and shop a spell. myname is stan piersa, been knappingabout...
Mike Cook
Updated On: Dec 13, 2017
Total items: 105
I have been knapping a wide range ofpoints and materials for over 38 yearsand e...
Collectible Points
Updated On: Dec 13, 2017
Total items: 613
These are points made by some of the topknappers. They all have numerous yearso...
Edward Mosher
Updated On: Dec 12, 2017
Total items: 86
Ed Mosher has been Flintknapping since1990. I am an antler knapper and sometime...
Don Wilcox
Updated On: Dec 10, 2017
Total items: 12
My name is Knapperdon AKA [DonWilcox]. I live in North Tennessee. I live on...
Dave Swetmon
Updated On: Dec 04, 2017
Total items: 77
My name is Dave Swetmon. I live inNewnan, GA. and have been knapping forabout ...
Don Sutton
Updated On: Dec 02, 2017
Total items: 46
Hello I am Don Sutton ,out of LasVegas Nevada Iíve been chippin forabout 1...
Ric Long
Updated On: Nov 16, 2017
Total items: 84
Hello my name is Ric Long I live inNorth Carolina and love making thingsand cre...
James Bowden, Past2Present Prog & TP
Updated On: Nov 05, 2017
Total items: 107
I am James Bowden. I have beenflintknapping for 33 years, passionatelycreating ...
Stan Payne
Updated On: Jan 08, 2015
Total items: 18
Hi, Stan Payne here. I have beenknapping for 18 years. I currently make,arrowhe...