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We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Heritage Stone Blades

Alan Altizer lives in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee with his wife Kristy, daughter Rebekah, son Gabriel, and dogs, Zeb and Katie. He is a graduate of East Tennessee State University. Born into a family of avid outdoors man, Alan was to follow. Alan was a Professional Bowhunter and Fly Fisherman for more than twenty five years as he hosted numerous television and video hunting adventures.

Flint knapping is Alan's passion in life. Growing up in northeastern Tennessee he found himself surrounded by Native American artifacts. His love and respect for the native people and their artwork planted the seed that grew into the Alan's modern day stone artwork. Alan's flint knapping began at the old Sycamore Shoals Fort under the guidance of several local knappers intent on passing on their knowledge. As he traveled to other knap-ins his knowledge quickly grew as he was graciously schooled by veteran flint artists from around the country. One of those who took him under his wing and became Alan's mentor was Randy Beach, one of the best knappers in the world. Randy freely shared his lifetimes worth of knowledge with Alan. Today Alan continues studying all forms of knapping, percussion, pressure flaking, and flake over grind.

Using the knowledge and experience he has gained, Alan strives to produce some of the most beautiful flint artwork available today. His ability to sculpt antler and various types of stone, including gemstone from throughout the world, allows Alan to create breath taking flint artwork that will last for the ages.

Shipping: Items shipped in the US will be shipped via USPS Priority ($5.00).

email: alan@heritagestoneblades.com
Visit our main website for more information, points and knives at: www.heritagestoneblades.com
The Dragons Heart
Price: $495  |  Date: Jun 25,2013
Status: Sold
Indian Paint Lost Lake
Price: $84  |  Date: Jun 02,2013
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Rippled Dovetail
Price: $325  |  Date: Jun 02,2013
Status: Sold
Lava Flow Serrated Pinetree
Price: $145  |  Date: May 09,2013
Status: Sold
Slice of Fire
Price: $675  |  Date: Apr 15,2013
Status: Sold
Flaming Leopard
Price: $165  |  Date: Apr 15,2013
Status: Sold
Price: $325  |  Date: Feb 19,2013
Status: Sold
Paiute Magic
Price: $895  |  Date: Feb 15,2013
Status: Sold
Flaming Lost lake
Price: $235  |  Date: Feb 15,2013
Status: Sold
The Slayer
Price: $165  |  Date: Feb 10,2013
Status: Sold
Snow Leopard Lost Lake
Price: $165  |  Date: Jan 31,2013
Status: Sold
Serrated Agate Pine Tree
Price: $165  |  Date: Jan 31,2013
Status: Sold
Dagger Point
Price: $44  |  Date: Jan 19,2013
Status: Sold
Smoked Ice
Price: $375  |  Date: Dec 17,2012
Status: Sold
Elk Hunter
Price: $205  |  Date: Dec 15,2012
Status: Sold
Christmas Coral Knife
Price: $195  |  Date: Dec 15,2012
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Paiute Lost Lake
Price: $125  |  Date: Nov 08,2012
Status: Sold
Purple Rim Lost Lake 2
Price: $135  |  Date: Nov 08,2012
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Snake Rivers Revenge
Price: $265  |  Date: Oct 21,2012
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Snowy Lightning Bolt
Price: $365  |  Date: Oct 07,2012
Status: Sold Accepting Offers
The Last Coal
Price: $195  |  Date: Sep 13,2012
Status: Sold
Coral Shark
Price: $265  |  Date: Jul 27,2012
Status: Sold
Painted Sunset
Price: $365  |  Date: Jun 19,2012
Status: Sold
Blood lace Lost Lake
Price: $74  |  Date: May 27,2012
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Red Amethyst Sage Dovetail
Price: $235  |  Date: May 01,2012
Status: Sold
Winged Coral
Price: $89  |  Date: Apr 24,2012
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Black Diamond Calf Creek
Price: $89  |  Date: Apr 01,2012
Status: Sold
Huge Lost Lake Spear
Price: $135  |  Date: Mar 11,2012
Status: Sold
Blood Tipped Agate Lost Lake Spear
Price: $225  |  Date: Feb 25,2012
Status: Sold Price Reduced
Fire Storm
Price: $1600  |  Date: Oct 18,2012
Status: Sold
Mega Brazilian Knife
Price: $1250  |  Date: Oct 06,2012
Status: Sold
Blue Lace Brazilian Agate Knife
Price: $950  |  Date: Sep 08,2012
Status: Sold
Snake Rivers Best
Price: $185  |  Date: Jun 17,2012
Status: Sold
Winged Snake River
Price: $205  |  Date: May 29,2012
Status: Sold
Little Sister
Price: $145  |  Date: May 23,2012
Status: Sold
Serrated Pinetree
Price: $295  |  Date: May 22,2012
Status: Sold