Welcome to the largest collection of modern lithic art for sale and show!

We are a group of highly skilled flintknappers that specialize in replicating stone tools and creating lithic art. Our unique hand-made items are intended to be displayed or used. If you collect high quality lithic artwork, please browse our galleries.
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Flintridge Dovetail
Very translucent Flintridge cap rock. Blade is beveled ba...
Side Notch Style Point
Beautiful Fire Obsidian point, awesome color in the point...
Foxy Albans
A great point made from a grey and glossy Fort Payne cher...
Ishi - Cliff Carney
A stunning Ishi style point made from Paiute Agate. Very ...
Just lowered price $5.00
This knife is made out of Texas flint and an Elk antler ...
Modern Flintknapping Techniques, 2 DVD set
This is a 2 DVD set which includes the best and most popu...
Hixton tree
A killer little pinetree from a beautiful piece of hixton.
Flint ridge pine tree
Percussioned from a thick piece of this great material, a...
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Dj Edminister

I am a fairly new knapper, I started on October 15th 2014 shortly after my 40th birthday. As a present to myself I got myself a beginner's kit off the internet and promptly stabbed myself in the thigh with a pressure flaker. This made it personal, I had to learn or look silly.
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