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Tiffany Stone Agate Basin - Don Sutton

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Added Date: Aug 20, 2023 @ 10:16am
Gallery: Lithics Lounge
Price: $100.00 Price Reduced Status: Available
Dimensions: 4 3/8 inches
Here is a super sweet Agate Basin, the last of the Tiffany points I had Don make for me.
Don Sutton is the only flintknapper who has ever turned this relatively soft rock into arrowheads. Probably because it's hugely expensive for rough Tiffany Stone and it doesn't lend itself to flintknapping.
Tiffany stone is a rare type of rock made up of several different minerals. This means it's a rock not a mineral.
To be more precise it's a mineralized nodule found in just one location, the Sevier Desert, Western Utah .
The nodules were once impregnated by ground water rich in natural minerals. These impurities are the reason for the stone's striking color.
Tiffany stone is made up of several different minerals. These can include quartz, fluorite, dolomite, rhodonite, beryllium and manganese oxides. The black color comes from manganese oxides whilst white, yellow and pink comes mainly from beryllium. Blue and purple comes from fluorite.
Being graded 4 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness means tiffany stone is quite soft. It's widely used for cabochons because its color and markings make it ideal for jewelry.
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